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Fritz & Rose


Fritz and Rose is a brand for high-quality jewellery and accessories, founded in early 2016. We are two designers that love creating products that stay close to people and their hearts. We became friends a long time ago and discovered how much we both enjoyed designing eccentric and adorning products. This finally led us to Fritz and Rose. It’s the fun in designing beautifully hand-crafted pieces, that don’t compromise in quality, that drives us to our office and work shop every day. We love what we do, and we do it for all those beautiful, strong, clever and unconventional women out there that have the same sense of quality, design and humour as we do.

The name Fritz and Rose comes from a common misunderstanding of our nicknames. They are often misunderstood as “Fritz” and “Rosi”. Oddly enough, the associations with those names and the humour in it, fit the brand so well, we decided this was the perfect name for our brand. Fritz is: craft, precision, and quality. Rose is: feminine, beautiful and sophisticated.

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Process & Design

Method is our principle. For example, the method of folding metal as you would fold paper. We asked ourselves if we could make that possible. We analysed, experimented, tried, failed and tried again. Without cutting corners and until it finally worked! Our goal was to develop a method of folding metal like paper to shape wearable, beautiful and avant-gardistic jewellery. We persisted until we achieved that goal, with special regard to every single detail und not comprimising in quality or design. This is something we promise to repeat for every upcoming accessory at Fritz and Rose.

Material & Principle

Working with precious metals and gemstones, is a privilege and also a responsibility. We aim to design our processes and products as earth- and human-friendly as currently possible to us. We rely on sources and partners only in Germany and know the workers and the materials are treated well. Our products are made with love and do not compromise in design, quality or craftsmanship.

Friendly Practice

We design and develop our products in the beautiful city of Hamburg, in the northern part of Germany. Our products are manufactured by hand in Hamburg and in the South of Germany. We hand-picked a bunch of very talented people to manufacture our jewelry. They are friends or friends of the trade. The proximity in collaboration keeps our products and partners close to us at all times. This gives us the freedom to work and experiment with our designs and react quickly to demands and requests. Made in Germany. Made for you.