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Ring Size Guide

The Rings of our Geometry collection are rather wide and have a unique design. Which is why one ring covers 2 standard ring sizes. The indicated ring sizes correspond to the circumference of your finger. Below you will find a table and guidelines that will help you determine your ring size.


Determine your ring size

If you don’t know your ring size, here are two easy methods that will help you determine your ring size.

1. Determine your ring size using another ring:

  • Choose a ring that fits you well on the finger that you would like to wear our Geometry ring on.
  • Measure the inner diameter of that ring using a ruler or caliper.
  • Compare the measured diameter with our table to see which ring size it corresponds to.
  • If you use a slim (up to 4mm) ring to measure your size, we recommend taking 1-2 sizes bigger, because our ring is rather wide. We recommend using a wide ring to measure the inner diameter.

2. Determine your ring size by measuring your finger:

  • cut out a paper strip (1 cm wide and 10 cm long)
  • wrap around the chosen finger you would like to wear the Geometry ring on
  • make sure the paper strip fit over the knuckles
  • mark the overlap of the paper with a pen
  • measure the distance between the overlap
  • the length measured indicates the circumference and standard ring size
  • you can also use a string or tape measure instead of the paper strip

If you feel uncertain with these methods, you can also visit a local jeweler and have them measure your ring size for you.

Tips before measuring:

  • ring sizes can change during the course of your life
  • determine your current size before purchasing a ring
  • fingers on left and right hand have different sizes
  • sizes can vary depending on time of day and year
  • do not measure your ring size right after exercising
  • measure at room temperature (not too hot or cold)
  • we recommend measure in the evening
  • if you can’t decide between two sizes, choose the bigger size
  • if ever the ring you ordered does not fit well, you have 2 weeks to exchange the ring for another size

If you need any further help, we are always available to you. Please contact us at:

Product Care

Of course we want you to always be happy with our jewellery. This is why we put together some advice on how to keep your jewellery clean and intact. First off, make this a habit and you will avoid most of the things that can damage your precious jewellery: jewellery should be the last thing you put on before you leave the house and the first thing you take off once you come home.

Other than that, here are a few simple rules to follow:

Never wear jewellery while:

  • sleeping
  • doing sports or other manual labour, including household tasks
  • showering, bathing or swimming

Remove rings while washing your hands.

Avoid jewellery contact with:

  • soap
  • cremes & gels (shampoo, body lotion, sunscreen, etc.)
  • all sorts of sprays (hairspray, perfume, etc.)
  • sweat

Should your jewellery come into contact with cremes, gels or sprays, it is best if you remove it right away. Cremes, fluids and chemicals can damage the surface of your jewellery over time and leave unremovable stains. Therefore, it’s best to put on your jewellery after you do your hair and make-up.

Due to the composition of the material, silver tarnishes over time. This is a natural, unavoidable process. You can clean your silver from time to time, using a soft cloth or jewellery cleaning cloth. Polish it with the cloth, making small, round movements while wiping it and it will be good as new in no time. Avoid paper wipes, tissue paper or aggressive cleaning supplies. Special jewellery cloths are best, because they also polish the surfaces while cleaning. If you prefer a special silver cleaning bath, make sure the jewellery dries out well, especially our Geometry pendant and earrings, since they have a hollow cavity.

Whenever you are not wearing jewellery, make sure to keep it in a dry place, away from direct sunlight. Whenever you are travelling, keep your jewellery in a safe compartment, that keeps your jewellery from bouncing around. It’s best to use a special jewellery box that has several soft compartments. This avoids your jewellery from being scratched or damaged.

Generally, we use untreated 925/- silver. We prefer it, because of the warm color of the natural silver. Silver is a material that carries marks over time. It is a material that is even softer than gold and therefor will have tiny, visible scratches over time. This is perfectly normal and shows that the jewellery has been a part of your life for a while.

Our gold-plated products are made of 925/- silver that are coated with a thin coat of gold. This coating will not last forever and will fade over time. This is perfectly normal. How you treat your jewellery and how often you wear it, determines how fast the gold coating will fade. The coating on rings usually fades quicker as the coating on earrings. You can have your jewellery recoated, if you don’t like the “used” look.

Should you have any questions concerning our products, you are always welcome to contact us. If ever, your jewellery is damaged, we do offer a repair service for our products.

Delivery & Returns



*** Please order by December 18th if you want your order to arrive in time for christmas. If the product you selected is currently unavailable, you can pre-order and we will send you a gift card. Merry Christmas! ***

As soon as your order is shipped, you will receive an email from us.

For all deliveries outside of Germany, there might be additional charges to your order for customs in your specific country. As customs policies vary for individual countries, we cannot cover these additional charges, as they are unknown to us. If an order has not arrived within the indicated time in the table above, please contact your local customs office. Customs often does not contact the recipient, if they have received and held your order. Your local customs office will also inform you on additional charges and documents (ID, invoice, etc.) needed for release.

At the moment, we only deliver within Germany and EU countries. We are working hard on making deliveries to other countries as soon as possible. If we cannot currently deliver to the country of your choice, please subscribe to our newsletter, so we can keep you posted. We are working on making worldwide delivery possible as soon as we can.

For further inquiries, please contact us at:


If, for any reason, you are unhappy with your purchase, you have 14 days to return your purchase. Within this 14-day period, you will receive your money back, unless you prefer to exchange it for another product of gift-voucher. If you choose to return a product, please use the original packaging provided and make sure the product is packed safely for return transport.

Please return all Fritz and Rose products, packed safely, to:
Fritz and Rose
FaR Hamburg UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
Eidelstedter Weg 55
20255 Hamburg

Should you have any further questions, please contact us at:


Sometimes things break, happens to all of us. If ever, a Fritz and Rose products breaks, we provide a special repair-service to our customers. If the damage done lies within your garantie rights (more information on guarantee in our terms and conditions), we will cover all costs involved in the repair. If the damage is not covered by guarantee, we will inform you on the charges involved in the repair of your cherished product before any repair is done.

Any traces and scratches that are due to regular, everyday wear, are not covered by guarantee. We have put together a list of things you can do to avoid scratches and dents as good as possible in our product care area. Unfortunately, scratches and dents are never completely avoidable.

We want you to always be happy with your Fritz and Rose product. You are always welcome to contact us at: