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Hearts Folded Necklace Small


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The Process

Trip the light fantastic.
Meticulously hand-crafted - from the first sketch to the final polish.

30 facets, 36 creases

folded sheet
of silver- or gold

925/- silver
or 750/- gold

from the first sketch
to our icon product

corners rounded on the inside,
feel-good wearability

outside finish- polished,
inside finish matt


Geometry is the first jewellery collection launched by Fritz and Rose. It all started with the idea of folding metal like paper. Evolving on that idea, the heart of our collection came to life - the Geometry Ring. The ring combines all basic shapes that can also be found across the collection. All pieces originate from a flat sheet of silver or gold which are then shaped into different pieces of jewellery, depending on size, angle and how often the sheet of precious metal is folded. The Geometry ring is precisely folded into a hexagonal shape giving it an exceptional and unique look.

Geometry is a collection with many edges, angles and facets, all polished to a brilliant shine. The pieces really come to life when worn. The facets catch the light from all directions and reflect the surroundings. The design is truly brilliant, avant-garde, bold yet playful.

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Bent into shape – precision crafted by hand

Bent into shape -
precision crafted by hand

It really all started with a blank sheet of paper. After trying countless folding methods, we finally managed to develop a method that lets us fold sheet metal into different types of jewellery pieces. The method shapes the pieces into a strong structure. This simple, yet clever method was developed in our own prototyping workshop. All of our ideas and designs are developed here and are immediately brought into shape.

Behind the scene – catch a glimpse of what happens in our work shop

Behind the scene -
catch a glimpse of what
happens in our work shop

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